For more than 20 years, the "Tsiskvili Group" has been the undisputed leader in the premium-class restaurant industry in Georgia.

All of these are the assets of the "Tsiskvili Group" and outstanding restaurant spaces in Tbilisi and its surroundings.

A special project of the "Tsiskvili Group" is "Theatre" - a multifunctional pavilion with a completely new concept - SHOW & DINNER, which is the first in Georgia and the Transcaucasia region.

As soon as you arrive at Ethno Tsiskvili, you find yourself in the restaurant museum, where you can see the cultural and architectural diversity of Georgia.

The natural waterfall, located in the Tsiskvili's yard, has always been attractive, and for many years people often came here to relax and pass the time. A restaurant was built around it, initially very small, seating only 100 guests, but from the start, it was outstanding in terms of food and service.

The mill, which has existed in the area for many years, remains unchanged and continues to operate today. Corn is ground here every morning, with which delicious Georgian dishes are prepared, giving everything a distinctive and unique taste.

Tsiskvili is particularly interesting and attractive for tourists because every evening there is a Georgian musical and choreographic program that presents Georgian culture very well. Together with delicious dishes, it creates an ideal duo.

"Tsiskvili Group" is renowned worldwide as an introduction to Georgian architecture, culture, cuisine, and folklore. It has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades for 20 years, both in Georgian and international competitions.

If you wish to embark on a journey through the gastronomic, architectural, and cultural traditions of Georgia, "Tsiskvili" is the perfect place. It encapsulates Georgia's rich history, with each corner serving as a masterpiece of architecture and art. Additionally, it continues to evolve, embracing modernity while preserving its heritage.