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Ethno Tsiskvili

Restaurant - Museum ″Ethno Tsiskvili″ opened in 2002 and is an iconic Georgian restaurant.

The unique authentic design is reached with: the natural waterfall, water mill and many anctient antiquities.

Every evening you can  enjoy  Georgian traditional musical and dance folk show .


 “Sanadimo Hall” of  “Ethno Tsiskvili”  is an amazing fusion of old and new styles of interior design .

You will be charmed by “Sanadimo Hall”. Here you can also enjoy   Georgian traditional musical and

folk  dance show with modern elements. 

Middle Eastern Hall

At ″Middle Eastern hall ″ of  ″Ethno Tsiskvili″ you can relax, drink tea, enjoy Middle Eastern sweets

and smoke hookah till late night by the river Mtkvari